What To Feed Your Hamster

· Hamsters should be fed a diet that meets their nutritional requirements, an inadequate diet can lead to health problems

· Water should be available at all times, pet shops sell vitamin drops which can be added to the water and are beneficial to hamsters

· It is vital that it is fed a mix specifically designed for hamsters

· They need a balanced diet, so should not be fed on a diet that has too many vegetables and sunflower seeds

· They should be fed once a day with fresh proprietary pellet hamster food, you can supplement this with seeds, grains, fruit and green vegetables but be careful not to feed more of one type of food

· Always wash fruit and vegetables fed to your hamster

· Each hamster will have different tastes they do not all like the same things to eat

· A large variety of hamster treats are available but they should not be fed in large quantities. Other titbits you can feed your hamster include:
- Acorns
- Almonds (shelled)
- Biscuits
- Brazil Nuts (shelled)
- Bread
- Cashew Nuts
- Cereals
- Cheese
- Chicken (cooked)
- Eggs (boiled or scrambled)
- Fish (cooked)
- Hazelnuts (shelled)
- Meat (cooked)
- Peanuts
- Potatoes (boiled)
- Prunes
- Raisins
- Sultanas
- Walnuts (shelled)

· Never feed your hamster:
- Buttercups
- Chocolate
- Garlic
- Onions
- Rabbit Mix (containing antibiotic ingredients)
- Raw kidney beans
- Sweets
- Toffees